Philippe Landel is a certified registered yoga teacher dedicated to Ottawa`s thriving yoga community. After completing ten years of service for the Canadian Navy and attending Business School at the University of Ottawa, Phil travelled the world extensively before settling into a project management position. Feeling unfulfilled by a competitive, demanding, and sterile work environment, Phil eventually found himself battling depression, insomnia and addictions.  In 2011, Phil took a leap of faith and quit his job in the hopes of finding a new fulfilling career path. He started by replacing the weight of his material belongings and life obligations with the daily practice of yoga. 

Within a month, he was taking two to three yoga classes a day and sometimes practicing at home between classes. In the summer of 2012, Phil experienced a deeply transformational meditation with Yogrishi Vishvketu (Vishva-ji), and suddenly, his path as a Karma Yogi and Ambassador of Peace was clear. His practice, now, is much more balanced and consists of gymnastics, rock climbing, olympic lifting,  movement and meditation. 


He has since been teaching in the US, Europe and Asia. His teaching style is a singular and innovating combination of yoga movements that are inspired by a passion for inversions and shaped by a fun and challenging exploration of gymnastics, hip-hop and contemporary dance, martial arts, cross-fit, and capoeira. By using Mind over Body Techniques, Phil expertly guides his students towards self-exploration and self-empowerment, leaving them with a powerful feeling of accomplishment and self-worth.

My Philosophy

Learning to move our bodies in this world is a process that is literally filled with obstacles. From the day we first lift our head and drop it back down, to our first steps immediately followed by a fall, we experience all emotions yet driven by the spirit we strive for more. We learn to walk, jump, squat, lunge, twist, push, pull, transfer our weight, run, sequence, coordinate, dance and play. Somewhere down the line we also learn bad habits and begin to develop patterns that eventually leads us to bad posture, reduced mobility and both physical and emotional pain.


Yoga helps us change those patterns. We begin to quiet the mind by concentrating and finding balance between stillness and movement, we discover that the strength gained by awareness, proprioception, breath control and facing emotions can not only be helpful to our state of being but also affecting others in a positive way. In my opinion, this is the true potential of Yoga.


I will challenge you to seek your potential and strive for greatness while asking you to first follow your breath and honour your body for balance is the root to progression and growth.