Stability, strength and conditioning  is crucial! In these types of classes, you are to reach for your full potential while remaining unattached to the result. Finding one's EDGE is where magic can happen! As you gain proprioception and awareness, you discover the body's natural tendency to compensate (often the Ego pushes us too far). The goal is to notice it and create boundaries from which you can expand. 

Expect to sweat, laugh, invert and move around. 


More Yin than Yang, this class is perfect for beginners. Themed using Yoga philosophy and Ayurvedic principles, the student is guided inwards by stillness (during Yin postures that last between 2 and 7 mins) and encouraged to explore, often self-guided, mindful and creative movement. 

Before class starts, don't be shy to request a certain pose or area of the body you wish to explore and open. 


The breath is the bridge from the superficial to the subtle. Like water that flows down a river, the practitioner must learn to take the path of least resistance, thus letting go of the need to perfect.

Intelligent and creative progressions, often leading to a peak posture, are a great way to understand one's limitations. Working with the philosophy of the practice, the practitioner becomes aware of these boundaries and learns to scale up or down, depending of the level of practice.  


In this fast paced society, taking the time to down regulate and find stillness if often what we need to bring ourselves back into balance.


Holding poses for up to 7 mins, the practitioner is encouraged to remain passive and still to witness the patters of the body, the breath and the mind. Through equanimity and the understanding the fundamental law of nature of impermanence, the art of letting go id practiced. 


Dealing with an injury? Need to learn how to scale a workout or modify a movement? Perfect for athletes, cross fitters and yogis, this class will help you find balance between stability and mobility.  


Stability drills, balance work and primal movements are often used to warm up. Then, various mobility techniques are utilized and explored in an open-question style atmosphere.